Jamie H.

Please allow me an opportunity to recommend Ahmad Wardak for your next real estate transaction. Whether you seeking to purchase a new home, or planning to sell your current home, Ahmad will guide you through the process and ensure a favorable experience and subsequent outcome. I am able to say this because approximately a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Ahmad as a result of an online inquiry about a property that was posted for sale. To be honest, I do not always appreciate the art or science of the sales profession. So, in an effort to have my question answered and avoid annoying follow-up sales tactics, I created a secondary email account under a “ridiculous” pseudonym. Much to my surprise, Ahmad responded, by simply answering my question, and offering me an opportunity to see the property. Considering the professionalism of his response, I accepted his offer. Once we met, I immediately presented to him my true identity and interest. As we walked through the property, I realize that this real estate professional was truly top-notch. On that day, he provided me with information regarding the property and my emerging real estate plans with integrity, highly valued information, and no pressure or deviant sale tactics that would make most people feel uncomfortable. At that point, I realized that this was the real estate person for me. Fast forward to the present, with the utmost professionalism, along with his exceedingly strategic guidance, Ahmad has helped me to accomplish my real estate goals, far beyond my expectations. With Ahmad’s help, I have been able to purchase my new home (which I and my partner simply love), sell my previous property, and increase my reserves by approximately 40%. As you know buying and selling a home simultaneously can be difficult, even during a hyper-active real estate period. To add to the complexity of such a transition, do I need to mention the COVID-19 pandemic? Nevertheless, with Ahmad's expertise, once I found the home for me and my family, this all occurred within one month. Ahmad provided analyses that helped to support his data-driven guidance, which enabled me to make those complicated, yet favorable decisions. In addition, during the transition (buying, selling, repairs, upgrades, closings, and moving) Ahmad served as a valuable resource. Ahmad has partnered with contractors, finance professionals, and other residential service advisors who provided the same degree of customer service and professionalism. What has proven to be an extremely stressful event for many, was made simple, and much easier for me than I ever expected. Actually, I can comfortably say, the entire experience was enjoyable. And with that being said, I strongly encourage you to give Ahmad Wardak a call and trust him with your next real estate transaction in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Ryan J.

Working with Ahmad was great! As first-time homebuyers, we went in expecting a long and complex process, but it was basically as smooth of a process as it could have been, in large part thanks to Ahmad. His recommendations for different services (the lender, title company, and the inspector in our case) matched or were better than the services we were prepped to use. His schedule was very flexible, and we were able to see properties same-day or next-day, which was important in this fast market. Additionally, the day after we figured out what we really wanted in a home layout (after visiting 8 different places), Ahmad found us a perfect fit. Throughout the whole process, Ahmad was a good communicator, gave solid advice, and gave us the freedom to make independent conclusions while still advocating for our best interests. Being the only Realtor® we've worked with, we don't have any other experiences to compare to, but we definitely feel lucky to have worked with Ahmad. Thanks again!


Ahmad was very easy to work with. He was extremely knowledgeable about the home buying process, was happy to answer any questions I had and was incredibly responsive. He always ensured that I was kept up-to-date, checked in regularly, and provided great advice to help me make informed decisions. I would highly recommend him.


Ahmad is my seventh Realtor® and he is the best I've come in contact with. He is professional, knowledgeable, kind, looks out for me and my family, and is extremely polite. That makes a difference in this day and age. Thank you so much for helping my dreams come true.


Ahmad Wardak was a very knowledgeable Realtor®, during our entire home searching and buying process I felt like he always had our best interest in mind, he always was available to meet any day of the week to see properties. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

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